artsyhousewife (artsyhousewife) wrote in artho_s,

Original Art for Pennies!

Yes, we're getting desperate! One of my good friends on ebay was about ready to quit selling art there altogether for lack of sales, and so she listed a bunch of art for around a penny. As a gesture of support, I told her I'd list some too. Well, okay, I've only listed one so far lol..but in my defense I'm leaving town for a few days and have a bunch to do. Maybe I'll list more when I get back on Tuesday. If you want to pick up some original art on the cheap and support our cause, here are the links:


Here is another painting I have listed that's closing later today that is listed a little higher than 7 cents lol:

And here is a link to ALL of my friend's. Check them out. Her stuff is cool!!
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